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Davis, Bethune & Jones: Your Gas Explosion Attorney in Kansas City

If you or someone you love has been hurt or died as a result of a gas explosion, contact the Davis, Bethune and Jones expert Gas Explosion Attorneys to discuss your rights.


Railroad Crossing Collisions: What Choices Should Railroads make for Public Safety?

At Davis, Bethune & Jones, LLC, our attorneys have become the voice of those jeopardized and injured at railroad crossings due to the negligence of railroad companies.


A jury awarded $14,813,000.00 to the family of Jeffery Nye in a case involving a dangerous railroad crossing. Nye was killed when a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Company (BNSF) train struck his Jeep on December 29, 2008.

Grant L. Davis, attorney for the family stated, “The Nye family is very thankful for the jury’s service. The family brought this case in order to hold BNSF accountable and hopefully prevent any future tragedies at dangerous railroad crossings.”

Through the lawsuit, the family alleged that the railway company failed to blow any horn warning the public of the approaching train at the crossing. The family also alleged that the railway company allowed overgrown vegetation on the right of way blocking motorists’ view of approaching trains. Additionally, the family alleged that BNSF should have installed flashing lights and gates to adequately warn the public of all approaching trains.

The jury found the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company sixty-five percent at fault for the wreck. Mr. Nye was found thirty-five percent at fault.

Jeffery Nye was a football coach and science teacher for Sulfur High School. Tom Jones, attorney for the family added, “We’re happy the jury held BNSF responsible for their actions by awarding this verdict.”

DB&J receives highest verdict ever in St. Louis County for Client

A St. Louis County jury has awarded $48.4 million to an energy company that sued Chicago Title Insurance Co. for negligence.

The award appears to be the largest plaintiff verdict ever in St. Louis County and is also the state's largest plaintiff verdict this year, according to a review of Missouri Lawyers Weekly's V&S Search database.

St. Louis County Circuit Court doesn't keep historical records of verdict amounts, administrator Paul Fox explained. But Missouri Lawyers Weekly in 2008 reported on a $21 million verdict for a man paralyzed in a car wreck that was at the time thought to be the largest personal injury award in the county court's history.


$20 million awarded for '04 surgery error


Publication: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock)
Date: Saturday, September 25 2010

Six years after a surgeon cut out the wrong part of their 15-year-old son's brain in an operation featured on the front page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Pamela and Kenny Metheny said their youngest child's healing really began Friday. That's when a Pulaski County jury awarded the family a $20 million judgment after finding that Arkansas Children's Hospital was negligent for the surgery.